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18/12/98 MAD, Athens, Greece

01. Shes Sick
02. Your Back Again
03. On A Tuesday
04. Stay Awhile
05. Sirens
06. Dissent
07. P47
08. Marquis
09. Venus & Lithium
10. This Scene
11. Don't Come Down
12. Restriction
13. On A Tuesday (french)

The concert was started at 22:00 at MAD Club in Athens. At that time I was already there waiting to see Linoleum, from whom I had listened only 4 of their songs, meaning that it was hard to find any of their albums here in Greece... The doors opened at 22:20 and a greek band showed up called "The Clown U R".
Half an hour later Linileum was playing and I was under Emma noticing that her bass overdrive had a non-conected cable. I told a friend and he told me that maybe she wanted this to be this way, but when she came out and she saw it she said "Ahh, ahh, ahh...", thinking that I was the one disconecting the cable.. The concert was wonderfull, except for the lighting, wich was a bit low and Caroline complained about it. She said that she really liked that there was a small the avenue.
They did 3 encores and at the end we were shouting to Linoleum, to play "On A Tuesday" in French. Caroline told us that she didn't knew the words... but Paul had already start playing it on his quitar. Finally they played the whole song and I think it was the first time they played it live.
At the end of the concert some of the fans (including me, ofcourse) went upstairs and we meet them. I stay with them for about 30-45 minutes, taking autographs and pictures with them. They all were very friendly. At the end we left kind of early, without having the chance to talk to them, for so many things. Fortunatly, nothing ended there... the next day I called Paul Jones and I talked to him about some things I wanted to say when we were together (the day before) and also he was willing enough to help me and tell me some things about their band.
I must say that this concert, will be hard to forget because was one of my favorite.

Vangelis Dalietos

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